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Cappadocian Maple

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Acer cappadocicum – Maple trees are very diverse in color, bark and leaf shape. This vatiety has thick leaves, the top side being leathery glossy. Maples carry the brilliantly engineered helicopters which carry their seeds across long distances.

Oak Leaf Mountain Ash

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Sorbus thuringiaca ‘Fastigiata’ – As many of the eye catching flowering trees, rowans are related to the rose family. It’s clusters of white flowers later turn into bright orange berries that birds love.

Bird Cherry

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Prunus padus – A bushy tree from the rose family, providing it’s attractive white flowers in spring. These will transform into fruits that birds love, hence its name.

Hungarian Oak

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Quercus frainetto – King of oaks, it’s immense leaves dwarf that of other oaks. The longest leaf on this particular twig is 21 cm long, but they can easily grow another 10 cm. Its leaves have a leathery glossy finish over a deep green color.

Sweet Chestnut

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Castanea sativa – Part of the Beech family. It produces the well known chestnuts, an edible fruit. Sweet chestnut trees have attractive dark green foliage clustered in pointy fans.

Japanese Cherry

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Prunus serrulata ‘Kanzan’ – Intensely rich pink flowering, one of the most lush and romantic trees around. When it starts flowering, it steals the show.

Saucer Magnolia

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Magnolia soulangeana – Magnolia’s are an odd bunch. They thrive in a northern temperate climate, yet they appear tropical. Their big bold flowers open up in early spring when it’s still quite cold. Come summer, all flowers will be gone, but even then magnolias are beautifully dense green.


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Amelanchier lamarckii – An all seasons star. Lush flowering early spring makes it hard to miss. Clusters of white flowers against intense red and green leaves. Blue berries in summer and lush red autumn colors.