Amelanchier lamarckii – Juneberry, saskatoon, sarvisberry

This tree is an all seasons star. Lush flowering in early spring makes it hard to miss. With clusters of white flowers against intense red and green leaves.

The red soon fades, as do the flowers. A summer serviceberry tree blends in with its surroundings and seams to disappear with its inconspicuous green foliage. Meanwhile it grows dark blue berries which I read can be quite tasty. Don’t get your hopes high, birds will have eaten every single ripe berry before you laid eyes on it.

It then does a last transformation to a striking deep red autumn color. You guessed it, I like this tree. And as the seasons progress, I intend to make twigs capturing each appearance. This twig was made early spring.

A multi-stemmed shrub that forms a round crown of around 4 up to 10 meters tall. It grows mainly in North America and some parts of Europe.

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