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Wild apple

Malus sylvestris – now very rare, wild apples were once abundant along the edges of forests throughout Europe, bearing fruit significantly smaller than that of cultivated apples.

Woodland hawthorn

Crataegus laevigata – a small tree from the rose family, hawthorn is closely related to apple trees. With abundant white flowers that later develop into clusters of red fruit.

Sweet cherry

Prunus avium – a big tree from the rose family, this is the tree that produces the well known cherry fruit.


Sorbus aucuparia – rowans are relatively small trees, investing most of their energy in producing plentiful clusters of red fruit that are the favorite food of many birds.

Cockspur hawthorn

Crataegus crus-galli – Cockspur hawthorn is a small tree that shines in fall time with its intense leaf colors and deep red colored fruit.

Bird cherry

Prunus padus – A bushy tree from the rose family, which shows its attractive white flowers in spring. These will transform into fruits that birds love, hence its name.

Japanese cherry

Prunus serrulata ‘Kanzan’ – Intensely rich pink flowering, one of the most lush and romantic trees around. When it starts flowering, it steals the show.


Amelanchier lamarckii – An all seasons star. Lush flowering early spring makes it hard to miss. Clusters of white flowers against intense red and green leaves. Blue berries in summer, and lush red autumn colors.