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image: Mason Menzies
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Get Growing

  • Grow the most natural trees ever seen in 3D graphics.
  • Enjoy perfect integration with Blender on OSX, Linux and Windows.
  • Export trees to your favorite 3D software.
  • The Grove is developed for artists. Do not sell trees grown with The Grove.
    Contact us if you want to distribute tree models in games.
  • Endless tree alternatives, the twig system and the fun of growing set The Grove apart from tree libraries.
  • Keep growing with free updates to future releases.

Bundle up

Enjoy the benefits of the twig system. Either create your own, or enjoy the quality and ease of the optional twig models. Sold separately, Twigs attach fluently to your 3D trees, effortlessly adding incredible detail and realism.

Bark textures included

The Grove includes a collection of seamless bark textures to finish your branching structure in a very realistic way. As are The Grove’s twig textures, these bark textures were captured with accurate color and reflectivity in mind. Correct white balance and exposure relative to surfaces of known reflectance make for quality assets that can be used without tweaking. Using quality HDRI lighting together with The Grove provides instant realism.

Bark textures included when you buy The Grove 3D tree growing software.