The Grove Core comes in 3 editions. A Starter edition, an Indie edition that adds attributes, animation and powerful tools. The Studio edition adds The Grove in Houdini and export options for automation. Which is right for you?

Apart from these changes in functionality, the 3 editions come with a different price, and a different license.

Starter Indie Studio
Unique natural growth v v v
Free updates v v v
Stake, surround, auto prune v v v
Grow together v v v
Roots v v v
Plant tool v v v
Prune tool v v v
React v v
Wind animation v v
Record growth timelapse animation v v
Bend and Draw tools v v
Attributes v v
Control over polygon reduction v v
Smooth tool v v
Select linked and select thicker v v
Houdini add-on v
Skeleton with physics attributes v
Studio-wide installs v
Write USD and OBJ from Python (for automation) v