Cappadocian maple

Acer cappadocicum – Cappadocian maple

Tree description

Maple trees are very diverse in color, bark and especially leaf shape. Even a single tree carries a variety of leaf shapes. This variety has quite thick leaves, the top side being leathery glossy.

Apart from their leaves, maples have one striking characteristic. They all carry slightly different designs of the brilliantly engineered helicopters, which carry their seeds across long distances. Its amazing how high a small breeze can carry the seeds across a great distance. Batteries not included, nor needed.

Tree character

Use the maple quick start preset included in The Grove. Like horse chestnut and ash trees, maples grow two opposite buds at each internode.


image: Mason Menzies

What you get

Effortlessly grow majestic 3D trees using the Grove's twig 3D models. Twigs attach to trees grown with the Grove 3D tree growing software, adding incredible detail and realism. Twigs are modeled to scale from actual trees. Textures are captured with correct color and reflectance.

Included is a Blender (.blend) file and texture maps. The twig is materialized and ready to render in Blender's Cycles render engine. Using Blender's support for several file formats, you can grow your tree and export it to your preferred application for rendering. Please read Build for details about exporting.

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