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Euonymus europaeus – Spindles are small trees, but they pack a punch with fiery fall colors and the pink-colored fruit looks absolutely out of this world.

Paper birch

Betula papyrifera – Paper birches have an attractive white bark, with flaky white sheets resembling sheets of paper. Its fall color is an intense yellow.

Red oak

Quercus rubra – Red oak trees are native to Eastern North America and have very attractive lobed leaves with saturated autumn colors.

Cockspur hawthorn

Crataegus crus-galli – Cockspur hawthorn is a small tree that shines in fall time with its intense leaf colors and deep red colored fruit.

Sycamore maple

Acer pseudoplatanus – Maple trees are very diverse in color, bark and leaf shape. This one is called pseudoplatanus for its leaves that resemble those of the plane tree.

Common linden

Tilia ✕ europaea – Common linden. Linden trees are popular street trees. They are also a favorite for bees, who love the abundant flowers.

European beech

Fagus sylvatica – European beech. One of the most majestic forest trees. Impressive branches fluently branch into broad fans of leaves. Away from the woods, beech trees are often used as ornamental trees in parks and large gardens.