Paper birch

Paper birch

Betulaceae / Betula papyrifera – Paper birch, White birch

Paper birches wear a very attractive white bark, with flaky white sheets resembling sheets of paper. The Paper Birch is the North American equivalent of the Eurasian Silver Birch. Their leaves are quite large when compared to the Silver Birch, and its bark even whiter. Its fall color is an intense yellow.

This twig was made in early fall. The donor tree was a perfect example to show the individual nature of twigs. Some of the twigs were still in summer mode, while others were in full autumn splendor. Neighboring trees each had their own ratio of fall to summer twigs, adding a nice variation to the scene.

This twig consists of three variations. Full summer, half fall and full fall color. Mix them up and add beautiful colors to your renders.




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