Sycamore maple

Sycamore maple

Acer pseudoplatanus – Sycamore maple

Maple trees are very diverse in color, bark and especially leaf shape. This one is called pseudoplatanus for its resemblance to plane trees.

Apart from their leaves, maples have one striking characteristic. They all carry slightly different designs of the brilliantly engineered helicopters, which carry their seeds across long distances. Its amazing how high a small breeze can carry the seeds across a great distance. Batteries not included, nor needed.

Like ash trees, maples branch in an opposite fashion. Each internode carries two leaves on opposite sides. Terminal buds often carry fruit and then die, creating many forked branches.

This twig is highly detailed. For viewport performance, it is advised to add a decimate modifier to the twig models. Even with only 20% of all polygons left, the twig is detailed enough for most use. Disable the decimate modifiers at render time with the small eye icon at the top of the modifier. Fall colors are highly dependent on weather conditions. The leaf material has flexible controls to create variation per twig object.


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