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Goat willow

Salix caprea – goat willow is a rather inconspicuous tree, with no flashy flowers, fruit or autumn colors. It’s a modest tree that dots the landscape with touches of green.

White willow

Salix alba – Willows love water and when they get it, they literally shoot out. Twigs easily grow more than 20 leaves long. Its leaves are covered with tiny hairs, shading the tree a whitish, pale green color.

Grey poplar

Populus canescens – A cross of white poplar and quaking aspen. Its oddly shaped leaf stalks make its leaves clapper in the wind, producing an ambient sound like the lapping of waves on the beach. This is a big king of a tree with its thick, brightly colored main branches.


Populus tremula – The leaf stalks of aspen are strangely flat, allowing them to twist freely in the wind. The clappering of its many leaves produces a sound very much like the sea.