Small-leaved linden

Tilia cordata – small-leaved linden

Tree description

The Tilia genus contains species that mainly differ in the size of their leaves. The common linden is actually a natural hybrid of the large-leaved and small-leaved linden, and it is a perfect middle ground of the two. An elegant species of linden tree, with much smaller leaves. With only one third the size of a regular linden leaf, it gives this tree a very fine appearance, in contrast to the bold character of common linden.

The twigs were captured from an old specimen in mid summer. The flowers have finished blossoming, and have folded up to turn into fruit. Clusters of fruit attach to an intense yellow-green leaf that acts to carry the seeds along in the wind. Their color is a striking contrast to the dark green of the regular leaves, something that is very visible even from far away.

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