Narrow-leaved ash

Fraxinus angustifolia – narrow-leaved ash

Tree description

It will be no surprise to hear that ash trees are my personal favorite – it’s been the default preset for years. For me this is the king of trees. They grow with such bold character, which contrasts with the delicate feathery leaves. This contrast is even starker with narrow-leaved ash.

Compared to other ash trees, the leaflets are more narrow, with more air between them. The leaves are also a darker green with a stronger gloss that glitters in the sun. Narrow-leaved ash is related to olive, and the feathery appearance makes it an airy tree that feels distinctly Mediterranean – and this is indeed where it grows naturally. The tree is planted elsewhere in temperate regions, and apparently it’s become a weed in Australia.

Tree character

The tree produces an abundance of twigs each year, producing dense tufts of foliage mostly clustered near branch ends.

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