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Olea Europaea – Olives keep their leaves all year long. This twig was captured at the start of winter, hanging on to its dark-green leaves and ripe fruit.

Cockspur Hawthorn

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Crataegus crus-galli – Cockspur hawthorn is a small tree that shines in fall time with its intense colors.

Red Oak

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Quercus rubra – Red oak trees are native to Eastern North America and have very attractive lobed leaves with saturated autumn colors.

European Oak

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Quercus robur – Oaks are close relatives of beech trees, and both are strong forest trees that can grow very old and impressive in size. Willows, alders and many others don’t stand a chance against this king of the forest.

Willow Oak

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Quercus phellos – Although this is actually an oak tree, its leaves are almost identical to those of willow trees. It prefers the water rich environments of the South Eastern US.

Common Linden

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Tilia ✕ europaea – Common linden. Linden trees are popular street trees. It’s abundant flowers are a bee’s favorite.

Honey Locust

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Gleditsia triacanthos – An attractive, airy tree with distinctive fruit pods dangling from their branches. Part of the pea family, these trees are basically enormous pea plants.

Field Maple

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Acer campestre – Field maples grow a sea of small and shiny leaves. Because of their dense growth, they are often used to create hedges. A full grown tree can have a beautifully dense character.


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Populus tremula – The leaf stalks of aspen are strangely flat, allowing them to twist freely in the wind. The clappering of its many leaves produces a sound very much like the sea.

Field Elm

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Ulmus minor – Field elm trees once roamed free in many cities, until they were decimated by the Dutch elm disease. These beautiful trees grow in many shapes and characters.

London Plane

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Platanus ✕ acerifolia – Londen plane trees line city streets all around the world. Its striking camouflage bark and deep green foliage make this tree stand out.


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Juglans regia – Walnut trees originate in the Kyrgystan region, where you can still find large walnut forests. The tree has spread across Europe where it is loved for its delicious nuts.

Bird Cherry

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Prunus padus – A bushy tree from the rose family, providing it’s attractive white flowers in spring. These will transform into fruits that birds love, hence its name.